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A payment gateway can be defined as an interface used by companies that have e-commerce that serve to transmit data between customers, merchants and their banks best pressure cooker. A payment gateway can be used by companies that do business online to process credit card payments, and can also be equipped to […]

The importance of a payment gateway for online courses

A payment gateway can be defined as an interface used by companies that have e-commerce that serve to transmit data between customers, merchants and their banks.

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A payment gateway can be used by companies that do business online to process credit card payments, and can also be equipped to be used for payments over the phone. In the case of online courses, a payment gateway basically functions as a credit card terminal seen in traditional retail stores. In short, when a student sends his credit card information, the information is encrypted and transmitted through the payment gateway.

The interface sends the information to the student’s bank, confirming that the card is valid and that there are sufficient funds available to process the payment, sending approval if everything is correct.

Well, selling courses online can be a very promising business, but it is not that easy. When you decide to set up an online business, you need to worry about a series of improvements to increase the efficiency of your e-commerce.

So, if you are or want to be an entrepreneur in an online business and want to know how to choose a payment gateway for online courses and what the advantages are in this, you are in the right place.

Advantages of using a payment gateway

Using a payment gateway brings several benefits to any online business, regardless of its area of ​​operation, since the virtual store enjoys advantages such as cost savings, as it has its own payment system, among many others. Let’s check out what they are?

Higher conversion rates = higher percentage of transactions successfully completed;

Transparent checkout;

Higher quality support;

Payment confirmation immediately;

Possibility of negotiating fees directly with banks.

More complete connection

Greater range of integration and payment

Cost reduction

Greater security in payment as a whole

The payment gateway offers several advantages for online courses, so it is important to know all its advantages of use, since its use provides not only improvements for your online business, but also reduction of fraud and expenses, greater agility in the communication of information between the student and the bank, among other important benefits.

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Among the advantages found, in my opinion, the one that will most guarantee a higher conversion rate in your online courses will be the transparent checkout. Want to better understand why? I explain.


The importance of transparent checkout

Checkout is a term that means “exit”. In the world of e-commerce, the term is given to the checkout process, that is, the payment of the order.


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The goal of any online store is to increase the conversion rate, that is, to have as many sales as possible in relation to the number of people who access the store, and checkout is one of the main factors responsible for increasing or decreasing this rate.


The transparent checkout is the ideal tool for those looking to increase the conversion rate when selling online courses and providing more security for students at the time of purchase.

Strollers for twins: models, descriptions, recommendations. Strollers for twins 3 in 1

Strollers for twins: models, descriptions, recommendations. Strollers for twins 3 in 1

The arrival in the family of long-awaited twin babies is, obviously, a dual joy for young parents baby swing bouncer combo. But the doubts in this case also upsurge proportionally. Including additional difficulties arise when choosing such a necessary thing as strollers for twins. Due to the fact that the birth of two babies at once is registered infrequently, manufacturers of children’s transport cannot please consumers with a wide range of such goods. In this article, it is about what double strollers exist, how to choose them, and also consider the advantages and disadvantages of individual models.

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Recommendations for use

Twin strollers are designed for walks with two kids no older than three years old. But quite often in such a child’s vehicle, weather babies are also transported. In addition, many models have a single seat release function, which allows the use of such a stroller for one child.


Twin strollers come in different models, namely:

  • Classic;
  • Walking;
  • Canes;
  • Transformers.

So, the classic one with a built-in cradle block, designed for children up to six months, certainly has a high level of comfort, the presence of space for each baby. But at the same time it is oversized, heavy, not maneuverable enough. It does not fit into a standard elevator, and is inconvenient in storage and transportation.

Strollers for twins 3 in 1 are economical and practical, as they can be used for children from birth to three years old. This kind of vehicle has detachable cradles and walking blocks.

Walking strollers are easy to fold and have the lightest weight among all the models listed above. They are also distinguished by their maneuverability, but in winter they are extremely inconvenient – their lightweight design does not allow walking on ice and snow-covered roads. In addition, these strollers are only suitable for children over 6 months old.

Walking models happen to be also envisioned for older kids who will at present be absorbed in watching everything that occurs around. But due to the fact that the seats can be turned into comfortable sleeping places at the touch of a button, such a child’s vehicle is practical. Therefore, it is these strollers for twins that are in the greatest demand in the market for similar products.

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Strollers for two babies also differ in the arrangement of the blocks on the frame:

The chairs are installed next to each other. In such a child’s vehicle, the kids are on the same level, have the same view, and can communicate with each other. Carrycots and seats are either solid or separate. When choosing, you should give preference to the latter, since in this case it will be possible to adjust each block for the convenience of the kids.

The seats are fixed one after another. This version of the stroller is compact. But it must be noted that kid in that kind a vehicle happen not to be in equal conditions, in particular, one baby will be closer to the mother than the other. There are also inconveniences when unfolding the front seat – in this case, the space in the second block is significantly reduced. In addition, a significant drawback of this model is the limited view of the adult behind the baby, who is in the front seat.

Business Plan Or Budget, What Are The Differences

You may be wondering what the difference is between a business plan and a budget. It is actually very simple.

First, let’s see what the budget and the business plan have in common.

Common Points Between Budget And Business Plan

There are two things in common between a business plan and a budget.

The first common point is that both are the result of a reflection on the future of the company.

The second point in common is that both include a financial forecast developed by the management of the company. For the budget as for the business plan, the financial forecast constitutes an objective taken by the management towards the financial partners of the company (banks and investors).

Now let’s see what the differences are.

Differences Between Budget And Business Plan

There are three basic differences between a budget and a business plan: scope, time horizon, and level of detail.

The scope

The budget is limited to the financial forecast while the business plan includes a reflection on the market, the organization, and the strategy of the company for the years to come. The scope of the business plan is therefore much broader than that of the budget.

The time horizon

The time horizon of the two documents is also very different: the budget is a short-term financial forecast, usually over 12 months, while the business plan contains a medium-long-term financial forecast, usually over 3 or 5 years.

The level of detail

The last difference between the two documents is the level of detail.

The budget is very detailed, each planned expense is listed in detail. The business plan is much more vague: it focuses on the broad masses.

This is partly explained by the difference in time horizon between the two documents.

Indeed, with the exception of new companies, the visibility on the future of the company at 12 months is generally quite good: the management can use the results of the previous year as a starting point and simply add the effects of inflation and the commercial action plan planned for the new year.

The visibility on the future of the company in 3 or 5 years is on the other hand much more vague. Market demand can change, competitors can change their commercial positioning, regulation can change, etc. In this context, it is impossible to predict with precision what will be the financial performance of the company.

This is why the financial forecast of the business plan generally consists of the budget for the next year and an extrapolation of the trend over the coming years.

There you go, now you know the difference between a business plan and a budget.

What Should I Expect From A Business Plan Software?

The software does a lot of things for you, but it doesn’t do everything. Also, not all business plan software is created equal, so you have to be careful about choosing the right one.

To guide you, here is a list of things to check when evaluating business plan software:

Financial forecast:

Does the software’s financial forecast meet the expectations of banks and investors?

If the software does not allow you to make a 3-year forecast, you run the risk of seeing your plan refused by your bank.

Text part:

A business plan contains a financial forecast, but it is not limited to this one.

The textual part that accompanies the financial forecast is just as important (if not more) because this is where you will detail the business opportunity, explain your action plan, and highlight the team that will execute. the plan.

A good business plan software should therefore offer a decent text editor.

But that’s not enough, it should also offer you clear instructions and examples to guide you in writing your plan.

Final render:

Almost most importantly, the document generated by the software should look professional. The presentation should be clear and airy. Rendering of tables and graphics of good quality. And the document must be in PDF format because this way you can be sure that the recipient of your plan will be able to open the document.

Security :

Finally, if it is an online business plan software it must be secured using an SSL certificate. Otherwise you run the risk of your data being stolen (and possibly ending up in the hands of your competitors).

How do you know if online software is safe? Very simple, when you are connected to the software, the bar of your browser should be green as in the image below.

This means both that the connection is secure but also that the identity of the site has been verified by the certificate issuer.

Online Or Download Business Plan Software?

Up to you. However, online software has several advantages:

    • They are generally more recent: the Web has many advantages for software publishers and they tend to migrate on the web
    • Some, like ours, are Mac and tablet compatible: there is little chance that you will find business plan software to download that is compatible with a Mac or a tablet.
  • They do not require installation and are accessible from anywhere: from your home, office, etc.